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In this example all you have to do is time the number, letter or number then letter by the ones in the box

6x(10+2) -4x(8-14) +(6-15)

as seen above next to the third bracket there is no number but there is a plus, in this case we will just assume that there is a 1 there, this one that isn't present cannot be any number, lets re-write the equation with the new found information

6x(10+2) -4x(8-14) 1+(6-15)

Now times the outside bracket by the inside:

6x(10+2) = 60x+12x
-4x(8-14) = -32x +56x --- the reason it is 56x and not -56x because when you times a negative by a negative it makes a positive
1+(6-15) = 6-15

Now lets add this together to make an equation

60x + 12x - 32x + 56x + 6 - 15

Now we have to add any information that match up with each other, for example the same letter

60x, 12x, -32x, and 56x all have the same letter as each other being x
6, and -15 all have the same trait being both whole numbers with no number infront of them

(60x + 12x - 32x + 56x) + (6 - 15) --- the reason we are doing this is to differentiate them

= -96x - 9
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